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Our women’s health clinic provides primary and preventive healthcare for women of all ages. Our caring and highly skilled providers care for the entire woman, through puberty, pregnancy and menopause, keeping you healthy and hormonally balance every step of the way.

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West Valley OB-GYN provide complete healthcare services for women, serving women of all ages, in all the wonderful stages of their lives. 

West Valley OBGYN is inclusive & welcoming

All gender identities & pronouns will be respected, affirmed & celebrated at West Valley OBGYN. We are a center of clinical excellence for people assigned female at birth.


What Our Patients are Saying

3 years ago I was devastated when a different doctor told me my baby I tried for 2 years to have had no heat beat. Dr.Kissel retired and I wanted to try a new practice and lost that baby. I came back to Dr. Bujak begging for them to do the D&C because I felt the other practice neglected me and that’s why I lost the baby. Dr.Bujaks office was so kind and respectful in the hardest months of my life waiting and eventually did the D&C and Dr.Bujak told me I could try for another baby quickly. That it was very unlikely to have a no heart beat baby again. When I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte during the pandemic I thought everything was out to get us. The office gave me a safe place to take myself to and stayed on top of everything and I had a healthy baby girl Charlotte who’s going to be 2 in August. Thank you for always giving me your all even when the circumstances weren’t what I was expecting.
Dr Bujak has been my DR since we both moved to AZ. Most of his staff have worked for him for years. They've all been pretty good to me!!
Wonderful staff and Dr. Bujak is the best doctor he delivered my beautiful babies thank u all for taking such great care of me through both my pregnancy
I loved the experience coming here through out my pregnancy. Never had an issue staff is amazing they make you feel welcome. During my hospital delivery DR bujak was very helpful before and after delivery. I will definitely go back with my next baby !!
Very courteous staff. I have never felt rushed or like I couldn't get my questions answered. When I had concerns all was addressed informatively and compassionately. I highly recommend this clinic.
Staff are amazing and Dr Bujak is the Dr ever❣️🙏 very thankful
Dr Bujak and Staff..... I just love them.
Had a hysterectomy & i heard so many scary stories....
As soon as i was home and recovering, i realized how my life had changed. With all the problems i was having with uterine fibroids, I'd seen multiple physicians with no change. Dr Bujak & staff made all the difference. Recommended them to my 3 daughters.
hes a very nice and friendly doctor he takes very good care of his patients. all the nurses are great too. the nurses are very helpful
He has delivered both of my children and always successful!!! Thank you �
Dr. Bujak you are an amazing doctor!!! I am Thankful to be able to work for you and Helen. To be able to be apart of Vanessa and Corys delivery today was beyond what i expected. Wish I could be at all of your deliveries. I recommend you 100%
Thank you Dr. Bujak for all your services, also for delivering my baby � everything came out perfect and safe.
I love all the staff, they are amazing, nice and totally understandable. They treat you with love and show interest on your behalf.
I loved my experience with your office.
Very grateful to have my baby home now.

Thank you for our free car seat �
Thankyou sooo much for delivery my baby im sooo happy because you guys dealed soo much with my pain i had ��so much patience torwards me thankyou verry much�
Muy profesional el Dr.Bujak.. Y en la clinica Todos muy amables lo recomiendo....
I love how the staff is like family and they take good care of you. They give you alot to get ready for the baby��
I love how you guy's treat us like we're family, thank you guy's so much:)
This is a great practice! I highly recommend Dr. Bujak and his staff. They are all extremely knowledgeable, accessible, caring, and make it easy to schedule appointments. There is rarely a wait and I appreciate the extreme efficiency with which their office is managed.
Dr Bujak did a hysterectomy on me to remove a large fibroid that was growing on my uterus. Something I never thought I would have. He is an amazing Dr. And his staff are amazing as well. The minute you step into the office you feel at home, they are clean respectful and you come first. I'm Super glad I found them that's where I will be going for my Yearly check up.
On April 10....... Dr Bujak did a hysterectomy on me to remove a large fibroid that was growing on my uterus very bad pain ...... Something I never thought I would have....... He is an amazing Dr. And his staff is all Amazing 2...... The minute u step into the office let me tell u u fell at home there clean respectful and u come first.....�I'm Super glad I found them that's where I will be going for my Yearly check up...... So ladies check it out
Here for my post partum check up. Love coming into the office so warm and inviting. Happy to see the staff that I made a close family like relationship with through out my pregnancy.

In choosing an OB I read the reviews to different offices I chose Dr. Bujak office because one review said he was a great high risk pregnancy dr. Having a previous high risk pregnancy I figured his office would be great. As soon as I told him my previous history he had test ran referrals made to make sure my baby and I were healthy. I ended up having a healthy baby in the making. Any questions or concerns I had at my office visits Dr. Bujak took the time to answer and explain until I felt content. He was extremely knowledgeable and informative making me feel very confident.
At the end of my Pregnancy I meet with Adela who gave me her personal number to contact her at any point when I felt contractions, uncomfortable or The baby was coming ECT. She was just a phone call away.
I delivered at Abrazo west campus where I recived wonderful care.
I would recommend dr.bujak and his office because any issues or needs they make sure to meet
Dr. Nicholas Bujak has been just an amazing doctor. He addressed all my medical needs right away. All my questions were answered. The staff is so nice and friendly. Helped me ever step of the way. Adela was amazing. She answered all my calls right away 24/7. They even provided a free car seat and free​ belly painting. They go far and beyond for their patients. Thank you.
Very nice, love the atmosphere. Would recommend him specially if you like to be treated like you matter.
I'm just the grandma but Doctor Bujak was GREAT! I have 2 healthy grandbabies as proof. He was also very patient with my daughter who at times was kinda difficult to say the lest. I would recommend his services to all pregnant women.
Dr. Bujak is not only a caring Dr but is always there for you in a time in need..I highly recommend Dr. Bujak and his staff ..
Dr. Bujak is a great Dr. I'll recommend him 100% him and his staff make me feel awsome especially Adela their referral coordinator she is awesome, I had always received the best care ever. Thank you Dr. Nicholas Bujak...
He's a great doctor he was there through my whole pregnancy even when I had my son premature Now my son is one and growing everyday thanks Dr. Bujak
He's a nut job lol jk! He does great!! Super nice and knoes his job well.
Dr. BujAk is by far the best OBGYN!!! He has awesome staff members as well.
Great job Dr. B really thank you so much
What a great Dr.!!!! He is a very humble and kindhearted physician that goes above and beyond to help his patients!!! I will definitely recommend all of my friends and family to him!!!

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Dr. Nicholas Bujak

Saul Rivera P.A.

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